Getting VISA to Tanzania

1 - Online Application

You can apply for Visa online here -

      E-Visa Regulations:

2 - Visa upon arrival

You can also obtain your visa upon arrival at the airport. The cost is $100 for US citizens and $50 for non-US citizens

When to Visit Mikumi National Park (and Southern Parks in general)
January to  March - Low season, rain and fewer tourists

April to May - Rain ends, medium season, tourists picking up

June to December - High season, Dry, lots of tourists, more expensive lodges/hotels 

How can I make Payment

After finalizing your booking, we will send you payment instructions and you can make payment using one of the following methods:
Paypal - The payment is done via secured PayPal website
Credit card payment - You can pay with your VISA/MASTERCARD using a secured vendor's website
Mobile payment - Mobile payments are done on the secure platform include Vodacom m-pesa, tigo pesa, airtel money and mtn mobile money.
Bank transfer - instead of using Online Payments, you can also make a payment via bank transfers to one of our accounts in the USA and Tanzania

Western Union - You can also make a payment via Western bank transfers to one of our accounts in the USA and Tanzania

Cancellation Policy

It depends on the package you selected. Just select your package and you will see the cancellation policy at the bottom of it.

Shared or Private Safaris, what is the difference?

On a Shared Safari, you will join a group of other tourists and you will travel in the same safari vehicle with them.
The maximum number of travellers in one vehicle will be 7 travellers.
The shared safari is the more cost-effective option per person

Please note that, on Shared Safari, you will ONLY share the vehicle with other tourists, NOT the room/tent

Please also note that you cannot customize the itinerary of Shared Safaris, but you can customize the itinerary of Private Safaris

On a Private Safari,  you will have your own vehicle and driver/guide. The private safari is the more expensive option per person.

Can I make Payment Arrangement?

Please email us at and we will email you the payments arrangements

Do you have a physical office?

Yes, our office is located at Mikumi town at Veta Building, P.O Box 34 Mikumi Tanzania

Please email us at
  with any question or concern